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Builders Club and Billing - ROBLOX Gift Cards

YumYumCheerios July 26, 2010

Interested in purchasing a ROBLOX holiday gift for your child or family member?

Get them a ROBLOX Gift Card!

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We’re pleased to announce ROBLOX Gift Cards, perfect for giving the gift of ROBLOX! These printable gift cards come with a PIN that can be redeemed for ROBLOX Credit. The PIN can be applied to any ROBLOX account. Here’s how:

Go to the Gift Card page.

Select the desired product.  If the player already has a Builders Club membership, you can purchase a custom Gift Card, and choose your own amount on our Any Amount Gift Card.  Minimum purchase is $25.00 with a max of $129.95. All Gift Cards will be redeemed as credit on the ROBLOX account which can be used to purchase memberships or various amounts of Robux.


.Select a product or amount
Personalize the card with a happy message.
Type a message
Click to purchase. Gift Cards are purchasable only by credit/debit cards at this time.
Print or save the PDF Gift Card. 
Completion page A link to download the PDF gift card will be emailed to the billing email address entered at time of purchase. You can either print it, save it to your hard drive, or email it to your recipient. Here is an example of the printable card:
 Printable Gift Card Example

It is possible for anyone to purchase a gift card even if they don’t have a ROBLOX account, making it easy to give the gift of ROBLOX. The release of Gift Cards are great news for the holiday season!


Small Print

Currency Conversion All prices are in US dollars. However, most online payment methods will convert currencies at the current bank rate. Ask your credit card company or banking institution about currency conversion fees or other fees. Conditions This code can only be redeemed on the ROBLOX website with a ROBLOX account. Acceptance of the ROBLOX website’s Terms and Conditions is required for the redemption and use of this code. Some ROBLOX features are only available to users over a certain age. This code can only be redeemed once and the full code value will be deducted when you redeem it. A computer and broadband internet access is required to use this code. Your computer must meet minimum system requirements to play ROBLOX and these requirements may change. This code is not redeemable for cash and cannot be returned or exchanged for cash or credit (except if required by law). Code will not be replaced if lost, stolen, or destroyed. Once redeemed the code is not transferable. Code is not for resale. Code is void where prohibited by law. ROBLOX reserves the right to change these terms without notice. ©ROBLOX 2011. Patents pending. All rights reserved.

Players and Builders can redeem their gift cards here: Redeem Gift Card 

We also have ROBLOX game cards that can be purchased at participating Target, Walmart, CVS, Toys R Us, Game Stop, Best Buy and 7-Eleven stores. Not all stores will carry them so its a good idea to call ahead. Game cards are worth $10, $25 and $40.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with gift cards, please email


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