Roblox Name and Logo - Community Usage Guidelines


Roblox is powered by our community of creators. Together with you, we are on a mission to power the imagination of people around the world. As you and we continue to push the boundaries of user-generated creation and play, we want to give you the tools to showcase your passion and creativity off the platform. As such, we put together the following guidelines that will allow you to use the Roblox name and logo, when you are doing so outside of the platform.

  1. Allowable Usage. So long as you comply with these and other Roblox guidelines and with our Terms of Use, you may use the name “Roblox” and the Roblox logo on or with any of the following items:
    1. Digital extensions/plugins for use with Roblox. Such as those available at the Chrome Web Store.
    2. Complementary apps. These are software applications that (a) explain or facilitate the use or enjoyment of Roblox and (b) are “true fan” types of applications (e.g., apps that test your knowledge of the history of Roblox).
    3. Fan sites. Such as websites, blogs, Twitter feeds, Twitch, YouTube pages, and other social media, videos and streams used by devotees of Roblox to discuss and encourage use of Roblox.
    4. Hand-crafted products for personal use.
  2. The Name “Roblox”. You can use the name “Roblox” as long as the use doesn’t confuse consumers. In other words, you can refer to “Roblox” as the name of our platform, and you can use the name to show your interest in or affection for our platform.
  3. The Logo “Roblox”. You may not use the logo "Roblox" in the name or title of any item. You are only allowed to use the logo design that is available at the following link. We may alter the form of this design from time to time. You are allowed to re-size the logo as long as you do not modify the proportions. But otherwise, you cannot modify the logo design in any way.
  4. Additional Rules that Must be Followed.
    1. The use must follow the Logo Guidelines, Community Guidelines for Players and the Community Guidelines for Devs, cannot be associated with anything that is a knockoff, violates the rights of others, creates brand confusion, has harmful or objectionable aspects or does not comply with applicable laws. We reserve the right to decide (in our sole discretion) whether the use is acceptable.
    2. You may not use the name or logo in any manner that is likely to have an adverse effect on our company’s reputation (as we may determine in our sole discretion). You may not use the name or logo in any way that suggests that you are affiliated with our company or in any way that suggests that our company sponsors or endorses your usage.
    3. These guidelines provide a permission to you to use our trademarks only in the ways described above. We may withdraw or change this permission at any time for any reason.

Following are some examples to help you understand these guidelines. Those that have (✓) are permitted while those with (✕) are not permitted.

Digital extensions

✓  Tool that helps you revert old places on Roblox

✕  Tool that bypasses a Roblox filter

Complementary apps

✓  App that tests whether you are a Roblox super fan

✕  App that provides free Robux

Hand-crafted products

✓  Phone case (created for yourself)

✕  Phone case (sold on Amazon)

Videos and streams

✓  Best Roblox games – YouTube

✕  How to steal Robux – YouTube