How to Report Rule Violations and Block a User


If another player is breaking Roblox rules (see the Roblox Community Guidelines), please use the Report Abuse buttons located throughout the site and in the Report tab of every game menu. When inside games, You can still report a player even if they log off. Just put their username in the 'Comments' box that appears when you click Report Abuse.

Remember: you must report the Chat, Private Message or other Content that violates Roblox rules. If you just report the player on their profile page, our moderators won't be able to tell what they're doing wrong and won't be able to moderate their account.

The Report Abuse buttons are the best way to let us know about rule-breakers and bad content. They send reports directly to our moderators and provide a way for us to keep track of repeat offenders so that further steps can be taken against their account.

Privacy Permissions and Blocking

While it is important to report any rule violations that you may see, you can also block another user from chatting or contacting you both in game or via the website.

One of these features is the Block User option. This will remove an individual account's ability to contact you completely. To do this, simply visit a user's profile and click the three dots in the upper corner of the box containing their username and friends/followers information. After that, a menu will pop up containing the option to block them. For assistance with blocking users while inside of games, please click here.

Roblox also offers a variety of Privacy Permissions to limit certain forms of communication and actions to particular groups of people. For more information on these features, click here.

More Information

For more information regarding community matters, including a step-by-step guide to reporting rule violations in-game, please see the following pages: