Bad Advertisements or Pop-up Ads (Malware/Spyware/Browser Extensions)


We work hard to make Roblox a safe and fun site for kids of all ages.  If you come across a bad or inappropriate banner or pop-up ad (not a player created ad), there are a few things to look into first.

If You Are Using a Computer

Many times these kinds of ads can be the result of malware/adware or a rogue browser extension that may have been installed in the background by another program or website without your knowledge. So first, please first check to make sure that this is not the case.


No matter which website you visit, malware/spyware/bad extensions can create pop-up or banner ads that are not associated with that site itself. First let's look at your browser extensions. The best way to find out which extension/add-on may be causing the issue is to re-visit all the ones you currently have installed and check them one by one. Anything which you don’t remember installing or sounds a little weird will need to be unchecked or disabled. For assistance in this process, please click here and view the "Disable Your Web Browser's Add-Ons" section.

Once they have been disabled please test to see if the bad ads are persisting. If they are, then it may be the result of malware/spyware.


There is a possibility that this kind of issue may be the result of a bad program or service on your computer that is running in the background. To combat this, you'll need to run a thorough/complete (not quick) scan on your computer using your anti-malware program of choice. While we cannot endorse any specific ones, there are many great options out there. You can do a Google search to find one.

After Removal

After you have deleted any bad extensions and removed any malware, there are a few other things to try to best ensure the issue doesn't return. Please delete your browser cookies, clear your DNS cache and then restart your computer. For assistance with the cache/cookies clearing process, please click here.

Once that has been done, please clear your DNS cache. To do so, close all of your browsers and then open the Windows Command Prompt. Once you have done so, please do the following:

  1. Type "ipconfig /release" without the quotation marks into the command prompt window. Be sure to include the space between ipconfig and /release. Then hit enter.
  2. Once that finishes type "ipconfig /renew" without quotation marks into the command prompt window. Be sure to include the space between ipconfig and /renew. Hit enter.
  3. Once step 2 completes, restart your computer.

If You Are Using a Mobile Device

While this is more rare than on a computer, other apps or services on your device can still cause this behavior to occur. This can be anything from another app doing things in the background or, if the device itself is ad-supported or offers freebies for viewing ads, they could slip through the cracks there as well. Additionally, if your device is rooted or jailbroken, apps or webpages may be able to install completely different apps without your knowledge. Any of these things could cause a bad ad to appear regardless of the app you are using.

In these cases, finding the real cause can be difficult. Most mobile operating systems do offer apps that can scan for known malware/adware apps or nefarious processes. While we cannot endorse any specific ones, there are many great options out there and they should be available in your device's app store. While these can certainly be good options to try, mobile malware is still fairly new and the available anti-malware apps may not be able to find everything.

Should you not wish to try a mobile anti-malware solution or a scan did not find the culprit, you may need to perform a factory restore of your device. This process can be vastly different depending on your operating system, the version of that operating system, and even the device itself. So to find the steps that will work best for you, please do a Google search for "[the name of your device] factory reset steps."

NOTE BEFORE FACTORY RESTORING: Please be aware that you will want to backup any pictures, music, videos, etc. before restoring as this process will remove all of the information and files currently on your device. Additionally, apps/games that do not store your progress online may need you to start over from the beginning once the restore is complete, so please proceed with caution.

What to Do If the Issue Persists

If the ads still show up even after all of the above has been done, please contact Customer Service and provide us with a link and screenshot (for steps click here) of the advertisement. You can also use the 'Report' link for outside advertisements on our website to help report any inappropriate ad.

Bad Player-Made Ads (Ads for Roblox Related Games/Groups/Items)

If you come across a bad player-created ad, then please use the 'Report' link in the lower-right corner to report it to our moderators. 

More Information

For more community and technical related information, please see the following pages: