Roblox Fansites


If you love Roblox and want to share that love with the Internet through your very own website, then we think that's great! While we aren't able to host or build your website, we do have a kit that may help get you started. A Fansite kit is a file that game companies put out that contains fact sheets, images, logos, and usually some legal documents to explain how to use the kit. Fans of the game then use the kit to make their own fan sites! There are already some really awesome Roblox Fansites out there!

The important elements of a Roblox Fansite are these:

  • It is 100% about Roblox!
  • There is a link back to
  • It is free to use and does not otherwise make money.
  • There is no objectionable content on the fansite.

Once those things are in place you can make as much out of your Roblox Fansite as you like by adding forums, videos, podcasts, and pretty much anything!

You can download the Roblox Fansite Kit and check it out. You will have to download the file to your computer and then open it to see what’s inside. Make sure that’s okay with your parents.

You can download the kit, by clicking here.

Once you have the kit you’ll need a place to build your Fansite. Keep in mind that some blog and hosting sites won’t let you create if you’re under 13 years old. Don’t lie about it! Get your parent’s permission before making a website.

Please remember, that for the safety of the community, not to post offsite links. Roblox does not control the content of websites not affiliated with us. However, many well known Robloxians run great Fansites that might even get noticed in the blog.


More Information

For more information on the community related matters, including the Terms of Service which lists the official rules for using Roblox material outside of Roblox, please see the following pages: