Custom Game Rules


While all activity on Roblox needs to adhere to the Roblox Rules of Conduct, some developers may wish to create additional sets of rules for gameplay. For example, perhaps they don't want to allow players to bloxx members of their own team, or want to forbid the use of the word noob. Such rules, as long as they don't contradict the Roblox Rules of Conduct, are allowed at the developer's discretion.

Remember that your rules on your place are not reportable, so if your place says "don't steal the flag" and someone is able to steal the flag through normal game play,  this is not reportable or a violation of the Roblox Rules of Conduct. You must make your own systems to handle your custom rules if you want them enforced.

However, excessively mean spirited and persistent behavior can fall into the realm of harassment which is not allowed on Roblox. In such situations, please utilize our Report Abuse and Blocking features.

More Information

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