What Happens When a Builders Club Membership Expires or Is Canceled


When your Builders Club membership expires, your account will remain open and accessible, but you will no longer have Builders Club membership status or many of its benefits, including the daily Robux stipend, access to the trade and sales system and the Builders Club badge. However, you will get to keep all of your data, including all clothing, gear, groups and other assets that you have made, earned, or purchased. You will also keep your current Robux balance. 

Your account will no longer have access to the following Builders Club features:

  • The ability to Sell Stuff, such as T-shirts, pants, etc.
  • The ability to Create Groups
  • The ability to Create Badges
  • Access to the Trade System
  • Access to BC Beta Features
  • 70% of Paid Access salesRegular members receive 10% of sales

Additionally, should you have the same amount or more groups than what is allotted (5 groups) to free accounts, you will not be able to join further groups. Your account will also resume seeing non-player created ads.

Once your membership expires, you can only have up to 5 active places, with all additional places set to inactive. However, you may change up which ones are active and which ones are not at any time from within your Develop section.

You can still edit your inactive places and download them onto your computer with Studio, so your ability to work on them is not lost entirelythis way, when you get BC again, you have your places ready to re-activate or re-upload. Additionally, you will keep the following special places:

  • You will keep your BC Only places

Note: Should you revert any of these special places to a normal place, you will NOT be able to change them back unless a new membership is purchased.

Memberships can be re-subscribed at any time, and are available for purchase on the Upgrade Now page.

More Information

For more information on matters related to billing, including all of our purchasing options and related benefits, please see the following pages: