Connection Error: HttpSendRequest failed: HRESULT 0x80072efd

HttpSendRequest failed: HRESULT 0x80072efd

This is an issue non-administrator accounts may be having when trying to connect to ROBLOX if they have Norton\Symantec or Bullguard.

The error may say: An error occured while starting ROBLOX. HttpSendRequest failed: HRESULT 0x80072efd

First be sure your computer system date and time are correct. If you need help with that please search Builderman's Help for change date.

Instructions for Norton/Symantec

1. Login as the administrator
2. Run LiveUpdate
3. Under the Norton Protection Center, in the bottom left corner, under Quick Tasks, click Run LiveUpdate
4. Under the Norton Internet Security tab, go to Settings ->Internet Security and Firewall Options -> LiveUpdate -> #General Settings, make sure Automatic LiveUpdate is set to on. And under Personal Firewall and Intrusion Prevention, make sure Monitor for updates is selected, and Automatically update my protection is selected for both.
5. Schedule LiveUpdate run on a regular basis:

Go to Control Panel -> Classic View -> Symantec LiveUpdate -> Automatic LiveUpdate and change the frequency to every 4 hours.

Instructions for McAfee

1.Open up McAfee Total Protection
2.Click on Firewall
3.Click on Settings
4.Click on Program Permissions
5.Scroll Down to 'ROBLOX'
6.Click on it
7.Click Edit
8Then make it either 'Full' or 'Outgoing'
9.Theres another one called 'ROBLOX Game' do the same thing as you did with

Instructions for Bullguard security software

1. Open Bullguard internet security by clicking the small icon at the bottom right of your screen. On the tabs on the left, select "Firewall".
2. When Firewall is open, at the top of the window, select "Profiles" and 3 options will come up: High Security, Low security, or Custom Security.
3. Double click "Custom Security" and locate ROBLOX, "Play ROBLOX", "ROBLOX Studio" and any related ROBLOX files.  Make sure they are all set to "Allow".  When you have finished, click "Ok" and then click "Activate".