Upload Failed/Place Too Big


Whenever you get a message in Studio stating that your upload has failed, this is usually the result of your place being too big or having too many items/scripts in it. To test this, please try the following:

  1. Save your place to your computer first by opening it in Roblox Studio, and using the File Menu >Save option
  2. Keep Roblox Studio open and create a new game by selecting 'New' within the File Menu
  3. Add a brick to your new place and select File Menu > Publish to Roblox As
  4. Select the place you are currently having trouble with to upload your new blank place over it.
  5. Does it work?

If this works, then you may need to make your place smaller or reduce some of the items in it. You can do this by editing the version you saved to your computer and publishing it the same way we did with the blank place above. Alternatively, you can configure your place and revert it back to an earlier version that may not have experienced the problem. For assistance with this, please click here

More Information

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