What Is This Infected Model on My Place?


Unfortunately, sometimes players create models or plugins that don't really do what is advertised or may even cause strange and undesired behavior.  These are known as infected and are just regular models or plugins that have bad scripts in them. They are usually made to cause problems for game developers and be a nuisance.

What If My Place Is Already Infected?

While the removal of an infection can, at times, be difficult there are a few things to try.

  • Revert to an older version - If your place is one already uploaded to your account, you can go to the Revision History section of its configuration page and reset the place to an earlier version. Be sure to pick a date that definitely did not experience the infection. This does mean that you'll need to rebuild/rescript everything that was added after this point, but it may be able to prevent you from having to rebuild everything. Do be careful when re-adding any free models to prevent the infection from returning. For help with the process of reverting, please click here.
  • Start your place over - Sometimes the infection may go so deep that the only way to fix it is to start over again. For help with resetting to a basic template, please click here.

How Do I Prevent Infections from Occurring in the First Place?

To prevent your places from being infected in the future, there are several things that you can do:

  • Always save your progress before inserting free models.
  • Always investigate models that you take out of the public inventory. Make sure it has no bad scripts in them, or scripts that have questionable names. If the model has comments enabled, read them to see what other players have said.
  • Utilize Roblox Studio to its fullest for building games, as bad scripts in models cannot be run in the Studio environment by default. You can then check models and prevent bad things from occurring.
  • For plugins - try running the plugin in a test place prior to putting it into your game place.

Note: There is no way for the script to get into your account security or billing information, so don't worry. You can report these models via our Report Abuse system by clicking on the Report Abuse link located on the model/script/plugin's description page, so that our moderators can remove them as soon as possible.

More Information

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