Roblox Launcher Plugin


Should an issue arise whereby Roblox is unable to run, or provides a prompt to download Roblox--even though it's already installed. It is advisable to check if the Roblox plug-in is allowed in your preferred browser along with Internet Explorer, as Roblox relies on IE for some of its functions. To check, perform the following:

Microsoft Edge

**Microsoft Edge does not support plugins**

Internet Explorer

  1. Click the gear icon, located in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click 'Manage Add-ons'.
  3. In the pop-up window, located to the left under 'Show', click on the pull-down menu.
  4. Select 'All Add-ons'.
  5. On right-side of the pop-up window, move the scroll-bar to the bottom.
  6. Under Roblox Corporation, make sure 'Launcher Class' is enabled. 

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the menu button in the top right of your Firefox window
  2. In the menu, click the Add-ons button
  3. In the window that appears, click Plugins
  4. Find "Roblox Launcher Plugin", and select "Always Allow" in its dropdown menu on the right
  5. Close the Add-ons Manager tab and launch a Roblox Game

Google Chrome

**Please Note that as of version 42, Chrome no longer supports plugins. These steps will only work in older versions of Chrome**

  1. In the address bar, enter: chrome://plugins/
  2. Click 'Enter'.
  3. Where it lists 'Roblox Launcher Plugin', make sure it is allowed.

Apple Safari

  1. Open Safari and click the gear icon in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click on Preferences, then the Security tab.
  3. Under the Security tab, make sure Plug-ins, Java, and JavaScript are enabled.

More Information

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