Can I Move Stuff/Robux from One Account to Another?


While there is no system in place to transfer items or currency (Robux), players are able to transfer their places with a little help from Roblox Studio.

To move a place between accounts:

  1. Run Roblox Studio.
  2. Log into the account with the place you wish to move.
  3. Go to File, then click "Save As". Enter a file name.
  4. Log out of the account.
  5. Log into the account you want to put the place on.
  6. Go to File, then click "Open".  Select the place.
  7. In the place tab, go to File, then click "Publish to Roblox".
  8. Select which game to replace or select "New Game".
  9. If selecting "New Game", enter in game settings, then click "Finish".

More Information

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