Clothing: T-Shirts, Shirts and Pants


Roblox offers a multitude of ways to customize your avatars. One of these ways is by showing your personality with many of the different items offered in the Catalog. While there are thousands of choices available, you can go even further with this customization by making your very own!


T-Shirts are pictures that anyone can upload and display on their avatar. Since anyone can upload them, they are very abundant, just take a look through the Catalog, or create your own by clicking here.

Note: While anyone is able to create a T-Shirt for their own use, only Builders Club members are able to sell them to other players. All T-Shirts must comply with the Roblox Rules of Conduct.

Shirts and Pants

While all Roblox players are able to purchase shirts and pants in the Catalog, Builders Club members are able to make their own! They can choose to keep their creations to themselves or even sell them to their fellow players. For assistance with clothing creation, click here.

Note: All clothing must comply with the Roblox Rules of Conduct.

More Information

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