How to get Tickets and Robux

Robloxian Tickets are earned by other people going to your place or by your daily log in bonus of ten (10) tickets.  Tickets are granted to citizens who are helping to expand and improve Robloxia.  The primary way to get tickets is to either make a cool place, and then get people to visit it, by winning a contest, or by selling something. For every person that visits your place, you get one ticket.  The tickets can be spent on items in the Catalog.

Robux are also currency of Robloxia.  Currently, there are five (7) ways for citizens to earn Robux.  

  1. You can trade Tickets for Robux with the currency exchange.  
  2. Members of the Builder's Club receive Robux daily whether they log in or not.
  3. Builder's Club members also can sell shirts, pants and place access and get 70% of the profit.  
  4. You can purchase Robux on the Builders Club page.
  5. Both Builder's Club and Non Builder's Club members can sell game passes for Robux. Non Builder's Club members will get 10% of the profit while Builder's Club members will get 70% of the profit.
  6. Builders can participate in Developer Attribution.
  7. Builders can also earn Robux by utilizing Mobile Ads.

Robux can be spent on items listed in the Catalog.

Contrary to what has been posted in many places on the site there is no way to get free tickets, Robux, Builders Club, Hats, Gear or ANYTHING by making posts.  Builderman does not have a secret way to hand out money, and asking for money by writing to does not work either.  Think about it: if those messages were true, then everybody would have all the really expensive stuff! Those messages are spam, and should be reported by using the report abuse button.