Beginner Help (Includes Building Tutorial Videos) (Top Answer)


Roblox is a great place to build things, play games, and hang out with friends, but if you are new, all of the choices may seem a little overwhelming. But have no fear, because we're here to help. When you sign into Roblox, you will see several links that will help you manage your account and explore the many Roblox features. These are primarily displayed by two navigation bars: one located at the top of the page, and one located to the left of the page.

Top Navigation Bar:

  • Games: This is where you will go to find a Roblox game to play (see more info below)
  • Catalog: This is where the various items of Roblox can be purchased (see more info below)
  • Develop: The page where you can create new content and manage the various places and things you have created
  • Robux: Where you can purchase Robux - the game's online currency

Important note: located at the upper-right, is a gear-icon which allows you to log out, view our Help pages, and access your Account Settings. The Settings (or My Account) page, allows you to change your email/password, change privacy settings, cancel memberships, and edit various other account settings.

Left Navigation Bar:

  • Home: Recent information about your avatar and Roblox
  • Profile: Your main avatar page. Includes Stats, Friends, Groups, etc.
  • Messages: Directs to your Personal Messages
  • Friends: These are all your friends! This is also where you can find your followers and those you are following.
  • Avatar: Your avatar customization page
  • Inventory: This is where you can look at all your hats, shirts, decals, badges, models, etc.
  • Trade: Allows you to utilize various currency-related functions and view Transaction information, such as our Trade feature and My Transactions
  • Groups: These are the groups, of which, you are currently a member
  • Forum: The Roblox Forum where you can communicate with your fellow players and developers (see more info below)
  • Blog: The official Roblox blog (see more info below)
  • Upgrade Now: Where you can purchase one of our many membership options (Note: If you do not have Builders Club, it will display at the top of the list.)
  • Events: A list of any currently running Roblox game events such as any special holiday games or cross-promotions with other companies.

Note: If you don't see this menu, then it is likely closed. You can open it back up by clicking on the icon that resembles three stacked lines located in the upper-left corner of the page inside of the Top Navigation Bar.


The Games page shows all the great games that Roblox developers have made. The pull-down menus located at the top of the page, let you filter the type of games that you want to see. Click on a game to see its page, play the game, and see some information and stats concerning the game. 


The Catalog shows all the items that you can spend your Robux on. The pictures show the various hats, shirts, and gear that you can buy. Click on an item to see its description or buy it. Use the filters on the left to change the type of Catalog items you see. 


The Forum is a place to find friends, ask questions, and have fun. There are several different forums you can enter. Please be sure to post any new topic in the correct forum.


The Blog link takes you the the Roblox Developers' Journal, where you can read up on the recent and upcoming features and events taking place in Roblox. If you would like to go there right now, click here.

Upgrade Now

The Upgrade Now link takes you to a page where you have the option to purchase a Premium Roblox membership. This is also where you get information about the benefits of Builder's Club, and the differences between each different level (Classic, Turbo and Outrageous).

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions (otherwise know as Terms of Service) page, displays the various regulations of Roblox that you agree to abide by when using this site. For more information on the moderation rules of Roblox, please click here.

Roblox WIKI

On the wiki you will find answers to most of your questions, as well as tutorials and help with building and scripting. Check out the tutorials for help on making a place.

Tutorial Videos

Our YouTube channel is full of helpful information as well. Here you'll find tutorials as well as tech demos, an archive of our live shows and other cool videos. Here are some direct links to get you started: