What is Virtual Gear?


Roblox has many awesome items that can be used to enhance your experience even more!

Gear items can be use to add a wide variety of different actions and abilities in the games that allow them. This can be anything ranging from a weapon to a mode of transportation and everything in between. For example, with Turbo Builders Club, a player receives a piece of bubble gum allowing you to blow bubbles in a game that supports virtual gear.

There are many other kinds of Virtual Gear that are available for purchase using Robux that can be found in the Catalog.

Gear Attributes

Since there are so many different things that different Gear can do, they have been broken down into the following Gear Attribute Types:

  •  Melee Weapons - Weapons that do damage up close
  •  Ranged Weapons - Weapons that do damage from a distance
  •  Explosives - Tools that explode doing damage within a specified area
  •  Navigation Enhancers - Tools that can be used to help you get around a place such as wings or spring shoes
  •  Powerups - Items that can be used to enhance your avatar
  •  Musical Instruments - Items that produce sound and music 
  •  Social Items - Items that are just for fun
  •  Building Tools - Tools used to build in online places
  •  Personal Transport - Personal vehicles, such as cars and skate boards

The Gear's Attribute Type can be found on its details page underneath the item's description. For more information on the Item Details page, please click here.

Gear Genres

Beyond the Gear Attribute Type, there are also a series of genres that gear and games can fall into. While a spooky rusted sword is definitely a melee weapon, it might feel out of place in a bright and cheery atmosphere but would feel very at home in a spooky horror game. As a result, Games and Gear are given genres to help them match a desired look and feel. The possible genres are:

  •  Building
  •  Horror
  •  Town and City
  •  Military
  •  Comedy
  •  Medieval
  •  Adventure
  •  Sci-Fi
  •  Naval
  •  FPS
  •  RPG
  •  Sports
  •  Fighting
  •  Western

The Gear's Genre can also be found on its details page underneath the item's description. For more information on the Item Details page, please click here.

Gear Restrictions

Some builders may have a specific vision for the world they have crafted and, as a result, may wish to not allow certain types of gear to be used in their games. In these cases they may block some or all gear from being used.

To see what types of gear are allowed in a particular game, load that game's individual details page. It should look like the image above. As you can see in the lower right of the game information, there is a section titled "Allowed Gear Types". Here you will see the icons representing the types of gear that you can use. If you are unsure what an icon means, you may hover your mouse over it to show what it represents.

If, however, you see the icon that looks like a briefcase with an X on it () or a dotted green box with an X in it (), then that game is not allowing the use of gear.

More Information

For more information on account and avatar customization, including how to use the gear you have purchased, please see the following links: