How to Make and Join Groups


Groups are a way for players and their friends to form their own mini community with their friends and other like-minded players. Groups can battle other groups, assist in building, engage in discussion and more.


The ability to create a group requires Builders Club (any level) and 100 Robux per group. Anyone may join groups; however, the amount of groups any one player may join is dependent on their membership level. To see the number of groups supported by each level, as well as their other benefits, please click here.

How to Make a Group

If the requirements are met, creating a group is fairly simple.

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click Groups, located in the navigation panel to the left
  3. Click the Create button, located on the left side of the page

Once on this page, fill out the Name, Description, and Emblem sections. Each should reflect what the group is about. Once done, located in the Settings box on the right of the page, choose the accessibility of group entry. For the greatest amount of control, select the Manual Approval option.

Once everything has been set how you would like it, click on the Purchase button to finalize the creation of the group.

How to Find and Join a Group

To locate a group:

  1. Click on the Search bar, located at the top of the page
  2. Enter a keyword (e.g. "Ninjas" if looking for a group about ninjas)
  3. Choose to search in groups

From there, the group search page includes information such as a brief description of the group, which is helpful in identifying groups of interest.

Once a group has been selected, go to that group's page, and click the Join Group button. If joining the group requires manual approve, wait until the request to join is approved. Depending on the group, the owner may have specific requirements--such as sending a Personal Message--before a request to join the group is approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: "Can I delete my group?"

  • Answer: Currently, there is no way to delete a group. Make sure the name is right before making the group, as there is not currently an option to edit the title after it's created.

Question: "What happens when the group owner's Builders Club expires?"

  • Answer: The owner gets to keep the group and continue to manage it.

More Information

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