Viewing Your Group's Activity (Group Audit Log)


The Group Audit Log feature allows the group owner, and those with the proper permissions, to monitor changes regarding the group.

Accessing the Group Audit Log

  1. Click Groups, located in the navigation panel to the left
  2. Select the desired group from the list
  3. Click 'Audit Log', located in the control panel to the right

Using the Group Audit Log

On the Group Audit page, you will be shown all activity in the group by default listed from the most recent change to the oldest change. If you would like to just see certain types of changes (post deletions, kicking users...etc.), you can select this from the 'Filter by Action' box. You can also view actions performed by a specific member by choosing their username from the 'by user' box.

Giving Members Access

To give other players permission to use this feature, you will need to assign the permission to their current group ranking. This can be done by going to the Group Admin page and selecting the Roles tab. Click the Permissions button next to their group rank and make sure the 'View Audit Log' box is checked under the Miscellaneous section.

More Information

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