How to Copy a Place


Occasionally you'll find that you wish to start a new game but would like to edit a previously existing game to save yourself some time. You may also just wish to copy one of your games to another account. The following steps will help you do these things.

How to Copy Your Own Place

  1. Run Roblox Studio
  2. Log into your account within Studio
  3. Click on My Games
  4. Find the place you want to copy, click it and then click Edit on the bottom of the screen
  5. Once you are editing the game you can copy two ways.
  • If you would just like a backup saved to your computer, choose File > 'Save As'
  • If you would like to upload a copy of the game to Roblox, choose File > 'Publish to Roblox As', and upload over an existing game or create a new one

Note: To copy the game to one of your other accounts, choose the 'Save As' method of step 5. Once the game is saved, log out of Studio and then log back in as your new account. You can then use "Publish to Roblox as" to upload to that account.

How to Use Someone Else's Non-Copy Locked Game as a Template

Sometimes you'll see a place that you think would work as a good starting point for your own game. The good news is that some builders encourage you to use their places for this purpose! However, if the game's details page lists it as Copy Locked beneath its description, then their place will not be able to be copied.

If the place is not Copy Locked, then the following steps will help you use it as a starting point for your own game:

  1. Go to the game's details page
  2. Click on the icon that looks like three dots to the upper-right of its title
  3. Click Edit in the menu that pops up
  4. This will open the place in Studio where you can do one of two things:
  • Choose File > 'Save As,' and save the place to your computer. You can then edit the place to your liking.
  • Choose File > 'Publish to Roblox As' and then either upload over an existing game or create a new one.

Note: Before deciding to publish a copied place, be sure to first ask permission from the creator.  If the player's place is Copy Locked and you want to make your own version, be sure to notify the creator. It's polite.

More Information

For more information on gameplay and building related matters, including how to prevent your game from being able to be copied, please see the following links: