Add Gear to Game


Game creators can allow specific gear items from the Roblox Catalog in their game and sell those gear items directly on their game page. If players choose to buy an item from your game page, you’ll earn a 10% commission.

Adding Gear to a Game

To use this feature, log into your Roblox account, go to the Catalog and browse by Gear. Find one that you would like to sell on your game's details page and click on it. There, you’ll find a blue button that says “Add to Game” below each eligible item’s pricing information.


Click it and a new pop-up screen will appear, where you can choose the game to which you’d like to add the item.



  • You can see each of your Roblox Gear sales from within the My Transactions tab of your Trade section. Once there change the Transaction Type drop-down box to "Commissions."
  • You can’t add an item that nobody could buy, like a limited item–any item you put on your game’s page has to be available for sale in the Catalog
  • Adding gear to your game doesn't mean players will spawn with it; they must purchase the gear to use it in-game
  • Gear may take a few minutes to appear on your game's page

More Information

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