Game Thumbnails, Videos, Icons, and Gallery Items


Roblox offers many different options to help your creations get noticed and stand out. Among these options are the thumbnail and icon features available for places/games.

What Are Thumbnails and Gallery Items? 

Thumbnails are images used to represent your game on its details page and can be used to help it stand out while also visually telling would-be players what they can expect if they click Play. The standard thumbnail will be created from what the camera in Studio's game window is viewing when the game is published. If you are building using Build Mode, the thumbnail will be generated as an angled top-down view of the area your avatar was standing in when you exited.

Gallery items are thumbnails that developers create on their own with an image editor and upload to their place to be part of the scrolling image gallery. While the standard thumbnail mentioned above is free, each gallery item will cost 20 Robux. Additionally, you can link a YouTube video to act as a trailer to your game for 500 Robux.

What Restrictions Are Placed on Videos (length, content..etc)?

Videos can be up to 30 seconds long. If your video is longer than that, you will receive an error message and it will not upload. For a full list of other video restrictions and acknowledgments, please click here.

How Do You Add New Thumbnails or Videos?

Your first thumbnail is created from what your camera is looking at in Studio at the time you publish or save your game. This thumbnail is free and can be updated as many times as you would like by editing the place in Studio, adjusting the camera, and publishing it to Roblox. You are, however, able to add new custom thumbnails for 20 Robux or YouTube videos for 500 Robux. To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Create the image or video using your image or video editor of choice
  2. If you are creating a video, upload it to your YouTube account
  3. Click Develop located in the blue bar at the top of the screen
  4. Find the place that you would like to add the gallery item to and click the gear to its right
  5. Click Configure
  6. In the left column of the page that displays, click Thumbnails
  7. Choose if you would like to upload an image or link a video by clicking on the circular radio button to the left of your selection
  8. If you are uploading an image, click Browse and find your image file
  9. If you are linking a YouTube video, enter the URL into the URL box
  10. Click either the Upload Image or Add Video button

Note: Images and Videos must meet Roblox Rules of Conduct. If a gallery item is deleted or rejected do to a violation of these rules, the Robux spent are non-refundable.

What Are Game Icons and How Do You Make Them?

Icons are square images that represent a game in places other than its details page. This includes areas like the Games page, your profile page, favorites lists...etc. By default, a game's icon will be a cropped version of the game's standard thumbnail we mentioned in the section above. That said, you can create your own with your image editor of choice and upload it free of charge. For assistance with this process as well as some tips on how to create a compelling icon, please click here.

Note: Icon images must meet Roblox Rules of Conduct.

More Information

For more information on gallery and building related maters, including our video policy, please read the following FAQs: