All About VIP Shirts


What is a VIP Shirt?

A VIP shirt is a developer-constructed feature where players purchase a certain shirt that, when worn while playing a certain game, will allow the player to have additional abilities/items in a place. This is determined by the game's owner through coding. Any player can use these VIP abilities if they are able to purchase the shirt. 

Note: If you have an issue with any VIP t-shirt/shirt access that is not working, you will need to contact the creator of that shirt to let them know.

Game Passes (VIP Shirt Alternative)

While you may still find VIP shirts available in some games, many developers have chosen to instead use the newer and more versatile Game Pass system. To learn more, please click here.

Can I Get Anything That Gives VIP Abilities in All Places?

There are no shirts or passes that provide VIP access for all places on Roblox. If somebody offers you a shirt and says that it will make you a VIP everywhere, it's not true and you can report them via the Report Abuse buttons.

Although Builders Club memberships do not give you VIP access to all places, what they do give you is a lot of other awesome benefits. You can read about all the benefits by clicking here.

More Information

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