Selling Game Access (Paid Access)


Many Robloxian developers spend countless hours toiling over their creations trying to make the perfect experience for others to play and enjoy. Roblox understands that creating a truly great game is a lot of hard work that takes a very long time to get just right. So, as a result, Roblox has developed several ways for creators to get a little something back for their efforts. While this article will focus specifically on selling access to a game, you can learn about the other forms of monetization by clicking here.

What is Selling Access?

Selling access is like an entrance fee for your place or game -- it means that a buyer will have to pay to play your game. The buyer will only be given access to your game, they will not be able to download or copy it.

Why Should I Sell Access?

To make more Robux! You should know, though, that buyers expect paid access games to be high quality; if you try to sell a buggy, bad, or misleading game don’t expect to earn much.

Also, paid access games will have their own category on the Games page. (Think of categories in an app store – Free Games, Paid Games, etc.)

How Much Can I Charge?

The price for paid access is configurable from a minimum of 25 Robux to a maximum of 1000 Robux.

Are There Any Restrictions on Selling Access?

New accounts must wait 30 days before they are able to sell access. Paid access games must be copylocked. Comments for paid games are enabled and cannot be turned off (player feedback is especially important for these games). Paid games must be available to anyone that has bought access. (E.g. they cannot be 'Friends Only'.) Paid games must comply with all aspects of our Terms of Service.

Who Can Sell Access?

The ability to sell game access is available to all Robloxians.

How Is Selling Access Different from Selling a Game Pass?

Game passes are used to offer extra features (such as VIP rooms, special powers, and the like) within a game; access is for entrance to the game or place itself.

Can I Also Sell Game Passes, Gear, and Items for My Game If I Sell Access to My Game?


When Will I Get My Robux for Selling Access?

Robux earned from selling access is placed in escrow for up to three business days before being paid out. BC members will receive 70% of the proceeds from access sales; everyone else will receive 10% of sales.

What Happens If People Don't Like the Game?

If a number of complaints are received about a game with paid access – for example, if the game is not as advertised, is broken, or otherwise unplayable, the game will be quarantined and the developer given the opportunity to fix any issues. Any earnings from that game at the time of quarantine still in escrow will be refunded to buyers.

More Information

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