Universes: Place Needs to Be a Start Place/How to Re-Activate a Place That Was Removed


If your place was once part of a Universe/Game and has since been removed or you are being told that a place needs to be a start place before it can be activated, please do the following:

  1. On the Develop page, select Games from the bottom-left navigation (NOT Places)
  2. Find a game that does not currently have a start place assigned to it. One of these games may even have the same name as the place you are looking to activate
  3. Click the gear-icon, located to the right of the game you have selected and choose Configure in the menu that pops up
  4. Now on the configuration page, select Places on the left. You'll then see a section labeled Start Place with a blue Set button
  5. Click the Set button and select the removed place
  6. Once you have finished this, you should now be able to activate the place in question.

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