Combating Exploits: FilteringEnabled


Roblox is always hard-at-work releasing updates to prevent exploits. Such behavior is a violation of our Terms of Service and is not tolerated. In addition to a steady stream of updates, developers, such as yourself, have a very valuable feature to significantly protect games as they create it. This feature is called "FilteringEnabled", which is a property of the Workspace object. The process to turn this feature on is the same whether you use the SystemMenu UI or the newer default RibbonBar UI:

  1. Make sure both the Explorer and Properties tabs are open
  2. Under the Explorer tab, click on Workspace
  3. Under the Properties tab, locate the Behavior section
  4. Mark the box labeled, FilteringEnabled
  5. Save your changes before exiting

Note: Turning on this feature completely changes how scripts run in-game, and you'll need to update in order for them to function correctly.

More Information

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