ROBLOX Gift Cards

Perfect for giving the gift of ROBLOX, these printable gift cards come with a PIN that can be redeemed for ROBLOX Credit. The PIN can be applied to any ROBLOX account. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Gift Card page
  2. Select the desired product:  If the player already has a Builders Club membership, you can purchase a custom Gift Card, and choose your own amount on our "Any Amount" Gift Card.  Minimum purchase is $25.00 with a max of $129.95. All Gift Cards will be redeemed as credit on the ROBLOX account which can be used to purchase memberships or various amounts of Robux
  3. Personalize the card with your own message
  4. Click to purchase: Gift Cards are purchasable only by credit/debit cards at this time.
  5. Print or save the PDF Gift Card: A link to download the PDF gift card will be emailed to the billing email address entered at time of purchase. You can either print it, save it to your hard drive, or email it to your recipient.

It is possible for anyone to purchase a gift card even if they don’t have a ROBLOX account, making it easy to give the gift of ROBLOX. 

When it comes time for the player to redeem their card, this can be done at the URL provided in the purchase confirmation page and the emailed receipt, or by clicking here.

We also have ROBLOX game cards that can be purchased at many local and online retailers. To see a list of these retailers, click here.  Not all stores will carry them so it is a good idea to call ahead.

More Information

For more information on matters related to billing, including all of our purchasing options and related benefits, please see the following pages: