I Am Logged in, but I Appear as a Guest Inside of Games


If you find that you are being placed into games as a guest even though you are logged into your account, there are a few things to look into.

What to Do (Windows):

Please try each step below, one at a time, in order. If one solution doesn't work, move on to the next!

1.) Reboot

First reboot your computer and try to play. Sometimes this may be all that is needed to solve Roblox or Roblox Studio related problems.

2.) Reset Your Internet Options in Windows

Even if you don't use Internet Explorer, resetting the Internet options through this browser may still resolve your issue. Please note that while these steps do need to be done using Internet Explorer, you can go back to your browser of choice once you have finished. Please try the following:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Open the gear icon > Internet options
  3. Open the Advanced tab
  4. Click the reset button

After resetting, please close Internet Explorer to allow the changes to take effect.

*Note: If you are using Windows 10, please make sure you attempt these steps with Internet Explorer and not Microsoft Edge. The icons do look similar. To find IE in Windows 10, press Windows Key + S on your keyboard and type "Internet Explorer."

3.) Check Your Windows System Clock

It may sound strange, but various problems can actually be caused by your Windows system clock being set to the wrong time or date. If this is the cause, simply correcting everything should remedy the situation. While this can be done manually, you can also set it to automatically update with a server, thus making sure it doesn't slip behind and start causing issues again. Here's how to do this:

Windows 8.1 and Earlier:

  1. Right click on the windows clock in the lower right corner
  2. Click Adjust Date/Time
  3. Select the Internet Time tab
  4. Here you should be able to synchronize your time and date with an internet server

Windows 10:

  1. Right click on the windows clock in the lower right corner
  2. Make sure Set Time Automatically is turned on and you have selected the correct Time Zone

4.) Check Your Proxy Settings

If the above steps did not solve your problem, it is possible that you may need to make sure that your computer isn't trying to connect through a proxy server. Please follow these steps:

Windows 7 or Earlier

    1. Go to the Start menu
    2. Search "proxy" and configure proxy server will show up, click on it
    3. Click LAN settings and unclick all the check marks in that tab
    4. Click OK

Windows 8 or 8.1 

    1. Go to the tiled start screen by clicking the lower left-corner of your screen
    2. Type "proxy" and a Configure Proxy Server option will show up. Click on it
    3. Click LAN settings and unclick all the check marks in that tab
    4. Click OK

Windows 10

    1. Press Windows Key + S on your keyboard. Alternatively, if Cortana's "Ask me anything" bar is available in your task bar, you can just click that
    2. Type "proxy" and a Change Proxy Settings option will show up. Click on it
    3. Make sure "Use Setup Script" and "Use a Proxy Server" are set to off
    4. Scroll down and click "Save"

What to Do (Mac):

If you are running a Mac, please try reinstalling. For assistance with this, please click here.

More Information

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