All About Gift Items


Gifts are special items that are placed on sale in the catalog in connection to a specific time of year or special event. Alternatively, they may also be handed out for completing certain actions or winning a contest. The specifics for each item are different, so please be sure to keep an eye on the Catalog and our Blog for any additional information.

Do Gift Items Open? If So, When?

While many different types of items can be purchased in the catalog or won in event games, gift items are special. These are normal items in many ways, but after a pre-determined, often secret, period of time, gifts will open to reveal a special surprise item! Please keep in mind that Roblox admins will not be able to reveal the item that will come out of any individual gift nor will they be able to reveal the date the gift will open if it has not already been announced on the gift's item page or on the blog. The mystery is all part of the fun!

Remember, a gift may no longer be in the process of being given out/sold, but it may not have opened yet.

I Did Not Get A Particular Gift.

If you do not receive a certain gift, this means you did not meet its necessary requirements or you did not purchase it during its availability period.  All gifts will be able to be purchased or earned before they are made unavailable, so be sure to check the catalog and blog every day for any important changes.

Please keep in mind that many times the item that is given in the gift will also become available for purchase in the catalog for a brief period of time. This way players who may have missed out on the gift itself will still have the chance to obtain its item. Additionally some gifts may become available again in future events.

Chest/Box/Piñata Special Gifts

There are currently a few special items that may give out collectibles multiple times. These items are:

There isn't a schedule as to when these items will give out something new, and it will occur without warning. Once an item has been given out, the box/chest/piñata will update their descriptions and the awarded prize will no longer be able to be distributed.

More Information

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