The Item Details Page and Purchasing Items


When browsing the Catalog or someone's Inventory, you can view more details about a specific item by tapping on it. This will bring you to the item's details page which will give you various bits of information about it as well as the opportunity to purchase it if it is still on sale. This page will look like the following:

Item Title and Category

In the upper left of the page, above the image of the item, will be its name. Just below that, you'll find the category it falls into. This will let you know if it's a Roblox gear, hat, shirt, model, decal...etc. If you stumbled on the item through a search and not by browsing specific categories, please make sure the item category matches the type that you want to purchase before buying. For more information on these different categories, please see the More Information section at the bottom of this article.

Item Image and Displaying In 3D

Beneath the title and category, you will see a large image of what the item looks like. in the lower right hand corner of the image, you'll see a button labeled 3D. Click this button to load a rotating 3D model of the clothing or gear. This will give you a better idea of what it will look like inside of games. You can click the button again to revert it back to 2D.

While the 3D model will spin by default, there are a few things that you can do to control it. You can click and drag the model to rotate it manually to see what it looks like from various angles. Additionally you can use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

Item Information and Description

To the right of the item's image, you'll see various other pieces of information. First you will find info related to the item's creation. This includes the avatar and name of the creator, the date it was created and when it was last updated.

Below the creation information you will see a description. This will tell you a little about the item and, if it is a gear, will explain how to use some of its special abilities. If the description is too long to fit into the default amount of space, you'll see a More button that you can click to display the full text.

Below the description you'll see the genres the item falls into as well as any specific attributes. If the item is a gear, then this information will help you determine which games it is able to be used in. For more information on this, please click here.

Note: If the item, title, or description breaks any of the Roblox Rules of Conduct, click the Report Abuse link to let the moderators know.

Item Cost and Purchasing

To the right of the description and creation information, you will see a grey box that contains the item's purchasing information. At the top of the box you'll see the price of the item in Robux. If you currently have enough Robux for the purchase (your balance will appear in the upper right corner of the screen), you can click the "Buy with R$" button to purchase it. If this button is faded and not clickable, then the item is no longer able to be bought.

If the item is listed as a Limited or Limited U, then this box will contain slightly different information. These items are only sold for a limited period of time after which Builders Club members are able to sell their own copies. As a result, the price listed will be the lowest price the item is currently being sold for. Clicking the Buy Now button will purchase the item at the displayed cost.

Note: Be sure to look at the confirmation screen carefully before completing your transaction. Once a purchase has been confirmed, refunds will not be able to be issued.

Limited, Limited U, and BC Only

You may see some icons beneath the item's image that declare it to be Limited, Limited U, or BC Only. A BC Only icon means that you will need to be a member of Builders Club in order to be able to purchase it.

Limited or Limited U means the item will only be available for sell from Roblox for a limited amount of time (Limited) or until its limited supply is sold (Limited U). After that point the item will only be sold by Builders Club members. For assistance with selling your own, please click here.

Private Sales

This section will be visible underneath the item's image and description only if the item is listed as a Limited or Limited U and is currently being sold by Builders Club members. Here you will find a list of users that are currently selling the item organized from cheapest to most expensive. You will also see a chart tracking the average price the item has sold for over time. For more information on this, please click here.

Recommendations and Commentary

At the very bottom of the page, you will see two tabs. The Recommendations tab will show you other items that may interest you. The Commentary tab will allow you to view what other people have to say about the item and will also allow you to post comments of your own.

Note: All comments must follow the Roblox Rules of Conduct. In order to post a comment you must have a verified email attached to your account. For assistance with this process, please click here.

More Information

For more information on this and other related matters, please check out the following links: