Affiliate Program/Promotional Links (Earn Robux By Sharing the World of Roblox!)


Many Roblox developers and players spend countless hours building dynamic worlds or enjoying the creations of others. They love to share this fun with their friends and spread the word to others that haven't already been introduced to our platform. Roblox has created a way to bring others to us while potentially earning some Robux for yourself in the process! This is done through our Affiliate Program.

What Is the Affiliate Program and How Does It Work?

Of course you and your fellow players already know the joy that our little slice of the Internet can bring. As crazy as it may sound, however, there are still others that have not yet heard about how much fun Roblox is. This is where the Affiliate Program comes in.

With this program, you simply generate a special link for any Roblox page you think others should see. This can be a game, hat, or pretty much anything else located on You can then share that link wherever you would like (Facebook, Twitter, your website...etc). If someone uses your link to visit Roblox and they decide to create an account, then any Robux they buy in the future will earn you a bonus 5% of whatever they purchased!

For example, let's say a user named Jack finds an awesome new tank game, and decides he wants to show it to all of his friends. So he takes the URL and turns it into a special affiliate link which he then shares on his favorite social network. Jill, who has never been to Roblox before, sees this link and decides she would love to participate in some tank related fun. So, of course, she clicks on the game's link and immediately plays as a guest. She has so much fun playing that she decides to join the site and see what else our community has to offer. In fact, not only does she join, but she also buys 2,000 Robux so she can pick up some in-game perks. Jill still gets the full 2,000, but since Jack's link was the reason she joined in the first place, Jack will get 5% of the purchase as a bonus. In this instance, 5% equals 100 Robux! Not only does this happen the first time, but will continue to happen every time she buys Robux in the future.

How Do You Create an Affiliate Link?

You can do this one of two ways. The easiest way is to simply click the social media button located on the page you would like to share and select the network you would like to post it on. For games, it will look like this:

If the page you would like to share doesn't have a social media button, then simply do the following:

  1. Go to your Trade section located in navigation bar on the left of the screen
  2. Click on the Promotions tab
  3. Paste the URL into the Roblox URL box
  4. Copy the link it automatically generates and start sharing it

Keeping Track of Your Affiliate Earnings

If you would like to see if you've earned any Robux due to your links, there are two ways to go about this. One way is to visit your Trade section's summary tab. Here, you will see your promotional earnings on the line labeled "Promoted Page Conversion Revenue."

While seeing a simple text display of your overall earnings is useful, sometimes you may want to drill down into how many visitors your links have brought to Roblox vs how many actually used them to sign-up. Perhaps you would also like a visual representation of your progress over time. This can be done in your Trade section's Promotions tab. 

More Information

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