Sponsored Games


Once you have created the game of your dreams, it's time to get the word out so that other players can start enjoying the fruit of your labors. While word of mouth is a powerful tool on its own, Roblox offers several tools to help get you started. One of these tools is the Sponsored Games feature.

What Are Sponsored Games?

Sponsored Games, also known as native ads, are promotions for games that will appear directly in the various game sorts/lists when browsing that may have otherwise appeared in other positions. They will be clearly marked as sponsored but will otherwise look and behave just as any of the other choices available.

How Does It Work?

The Sponsored Games feature utilizes a bidding system similar to the one seen in User Ads. Developers will bid in Robux every day that they would like their promotion to run and for the specific platform (web, tablet, or phone) in which they would like it to appear.

The frequency that a game will be placed into a sponsored slot is based on how much its developer bids and how much other players are bidding for the same platform. For example, let's say three developers are all bidding to have their games featured on tablets. The bids are as follows:

  • Developer A bids 50 Robux
  • Developer B bids 100 Robux
  • Developer C bids 300 Robux

In this example, Developer A bid the least amount of Robux so their game will appear in sponsored slots the least amount of times. Developer B bid twice as many Robux so their game will appear in these slots twice as often. Developer C bid six times as many Robux as Developer A did so their game will appear six times as often.

How Do I Participate?

If you would like to take place in the Sponsored Game system, you can do so in the following way:

  1. Log into your account on roblox.com
  2. Click on Develop in the blue bar at the top of the screen
  3. Click on Games in the left column
  4. Find the game you would like to promote and click the gear icon to the right of it
  5. Select Sponsor in the menu that pops up
  6. A screen will display that looks like this:
  7. Check the box for each platform you would like to bid on
  8. Click the Create button

This will then create an entry in the Sponsored Games tab of your Develop section for each platform you selected. To activate the ad, click on the gear icon to the right of it and select Run in the menu that displays. Enter in how many Robux you would like to bid and click the Run button.

How Do I Tell How Well My Promotion is Doing?

Once you have everything up and running, you can come back to your Develop section's Sponsored Games tab later in the day to see how much it has paid off! Underneath the ad's entry will be a series of numbers:

  • Total Impr: this is the number of times that people have seen your ad
  • Total Clicks: the number of times people have clicked on it
  • Total CTR: of the people that have seen your ad, this is the percentage of them that clicked on it
  • Total Bid: the amount of Robux that you bid for the promotion

More Information

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