iPad App: General Info


The joy of Roblox can also be experienced on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices! You can download our app for free on your iOS device by finding it on the App Store or by clicking here.

The following information will help describe the interface as seen on iPads.

In-Game Controls

Movement in games is controlled by two buttons in the lower corners. To move, drag the "joystick" in the lower left corner. To jump, tap the player icon in the lower right corner.

Attacking is performed by simply tapping the screen in the location you wish to attack. To select a different weapon (if available), tap on that weapon's icon. If your inventory bar is full, you can find and select other gear  that you own that are also allowed by the game's restrictions by opening your backpack. This is done by tapping the backpack icon in the upper left of the screen. You can then drag an item into a slot on the inventory bar. To close your backpack, tap the backpack icon again.

For assistance with chatting inside of games click here.

The Navigation Bar 

This bar appears at the bottom of your screen and is accessible at all times except when playing games. Its contents are as follows:

  • Home: This is what displays when you first log in. Here you will have quick access to your friends, your recently played games, games you have favorited, your friends' activity, links to the most recent blog posts, and your friend feed.
  • Games: There you can search for games to play. For more information on how to do this, click here.
  • Catalog: Displays the Catalog for finding and purchasing items. For assistance with this, click here.
  • Friends: This section will list all of the players you are currently friends with as well as see your followers and those you are following. You can go straight to a friend/follower's profile by tapping their names. For details on sending or accepting friend requests, click here.
  • MSGS: This is your Messages section. Here you can read and reply to any messages you have been sent. For assistance with doing so, click here.
  • More: This will bring you a variety of different options.

The More Menu

After tapping on the More button in the Navigation Bar, you will be given several more options. These are:

  • Profile: This will load your profile as it appears on a desktop/laptop computer.
  • Avatar: This page will allow you to dress your avatar just as you would on a laptop/desktop computer. For assistance with this, please click here.
  • Inventory: Here you can see all of the items you have purchased. For more information on this section, including how to have your avatar wear an item, click here.
  • Trade: By tapping this, you can view all of your Robux purchases and sales, account summary, current and completed item trades and participate in the Roblox promotion program.
  • Groups: Here you can view and participate in your groups. For more details, click here.
  • Forum: This is a shortcut to the Roblox message board.
  • Blog: This is a shortcut to the Roblox blog.
  • Help: This is a shortcut to the Roblox help section.
  • Settings: This section will allow you to change your password or the email address associated with your account. This is also where you will be given the option to log out.
  • Events: This will list any special events that are currently going on such as holiday or cross promotional games.

The Top Bar

This bar rests on the top of the screen in most areas of the app, though the options can vary depending on the section you are currently in.

  • Search: Represented by the  icon, this option will display on the Home, Catalog, and Games screens. On the Home screen it allows you to search for other users. In the catalog, you can use this to search for items. On the Games screen it will search games.
  • Buy Robux: Represented by the  icon, this option is always displayed. Tapping on it will show you your current Robux balance and allow you to purchase more. For assistance with purchasing, click here.
  • Buy Builders Club: Represented by the  icon, this option is always displayed. Tapping on it will allow you to purchase Builders Club for specific lengths of time. For assistance with purchasing, click here.

More Information

For more information on other mobile related matters, please see the following links: