Live Shows, Challenges/Contests, Twitch, and YouTube


There are many different ways to interact with and enjoy Roblox. In addition to playing games, building, and hanging out with friends, you can also watch awesome video content through our Twitch and YouTube channels!

Twitch Shows

Roblox works hard to produce awesome live content for Twitch, a leader in live video game streaming through the web. On our channel, you will find our awesome weekly shows and even some special events! To join in on the fun, visit the following URL:

Once there you can view past episodes, or, if we are currently streaming, you can watch and chat with us live! Whenever new content is being broadcast, we will alert our users via a banner at the top of Our current shows are:

  • The Next Level - Every Wednesday @ 2p.m. PT/5p.m. ET/10p.m. GMT
    In this show our hosts and guests showcase various Roblox games, interact with fans, and announce new contests/challenges for the community to participate in.
  • The Creator Show - Every Other Friday @ 2p.m. PT/5p.m. ET/10p.m. GMT
    If you've ever wanted to know the story behind the creation of your favorite Roblox games, this show is for you. In every episode our hosts sit down with creators to hear about their inspirations, methods, and why they did certain things. Then, after the questions have been answered and the stories told, it's time to play the game!

Twitch Contests/Challenges

The Next Level, one of our live shows, will often times issue challenges that users can participate in. This is done by streaming your gameplay on your own Twitch channel and saving the footage as a highlight. To do this:

  1. Before you start streaming, make sure you set your Twitch channel's settings to automatically archive your broadcasts
  2. Stream your challenge gameplay
  3. After you have finished the objective, save the specific footage as a highlight. For help with this, click here
  4. Put your username in the highlight's description
  5. Submit a link to the highlight by clicking here


To get even more in depth with our shows, there are a few Twitter accounts to keep an eye on. Our official account, @Roblox,  will give you lots of new and behind-the-scenes Roblox info including show alerts, challenges and, in some cases, polls where you can vote on a future show's content!

If you missed an episode, but would still like to participate in any new challenges that may have been announced, then @RBXChallenge is a good account to watch. While this is not an official Roblox account, it does keep track of every challenge issued and will occasionally remind you to participate when time is running out.


While Twitch is the home for all of our live content, our YouTube channel has a wide variety of pre-recorded videos available as well. Here you will find building tutorials, game reviews, BLOXcon footage, new feature demos, past episodes of our live shows and more! To start browsing and enjoying everything our channel has to offer, click the link below:


More Information

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