iOS Update: Roblox Mobile App Rating


As you know, Roblox has continued to grow and change over the years in our mission to power imagination for everyone, everywhere.  There's no one type of game available on Roblox, but millions of amazing games for players to choose from.  With this diverse content, our rating in the iOS App Store has recently changed from 9+ to 12+ per Apple's guidelines.

What does this mean for you?

Roblox still has the same great content and variety of games as before, available on multiple platforms.  Most players will not be affected by this change.  Some players, whose device settings are age restricted, may no longer be able to view the app on an iDevice and will need to talk to their parents for any additional options. 

Where are we going from here?

Imagination has no limits. Roblox has something to offer everyone and we're committed to providing a great experience for all our players and developers.  In the coming months, we'll be continuing to work to provide an app that offers great content available to a broad audience.