Safety Features: Chat, Privacy & Filtering


Roblox is a great place to play fun games, express creativity and engage with friends and other members of the community. As a result of this, we are visited by many great developers and players from various age groups and we strive to make this a safe and fun place for all of them. To aid in this process, we provide our users with a number of privacy settings and age-appropriate chat modes.

Chat and Privacy

All chat on Roblox is filtered via a state of the art filtering system.  Roblox accounts also have the option to restrict or disable chat throughout the site and in game. These settings can be adjusted from within the Privacy Tabs of the Account Settings page and this article provides further detail below.

Players age 12 and younger have their posts and chats filtered both for inappropriate content and behavior, and to prevent personal information from being posted. Players age 13 and older have the ability to say more words and phrases than younger players, but inappropriate chat and sharing personal information is restricted regardless of age. This filtering system covers all areas of communication on Roblox, public and private.

To help ensure clear visibility for parents into a player's expected experience, all Roblox accounts list the age bracket of the account in the upper-right corner of the navigation bar as either "Over 13 yrs" or "Under 13 yrs" depending on the date of birth. This is also displayed in game for the current player.  This information is not displayed to other players and is only visible to the account user while logged in.

Accounts both under and over the age of 13 have the ability to limit or disable entirely who can chat with them both on the site or in-game, who can send them messages, and who can follow them into games or invite them to VIP ServersPlayers age 12 and younger can select either “Friends” or “No one”, while players age 13 and older have additional options on who can interact with them.

All accounts have the option to enable a “Parent PIN”, which when active, requires a 4-digit code to make changes to an account. These settings can be adjusted from within the Security and Privacy Tabs of the Account Settings page, accessed by clicking on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the site.

Accounts also have the option to enable "Account Restrictions" which limit the account to curated content (e.g. games) on the platform and disables "Contact Settings" (i.e. In-game chat, web/in-app chat, etc.)

*Note* Turning off chat for "in app" will disable the Team Create option in Roblox Studio.

As a Parent, How Can I See What My Children Are Doing on Roblox?

Roblox does have several ways to see the history for certain account activities. When logged in, you can view the following histories from their related sections:

  • Creations such as games, items, sounds, ads...etc (Develop)
  • Private message history (Messages)
  • Friends and Followers (Friends)
  • Virtual item purchase and trade history (Trade)

Enable 2-Step Verification (2SV)

Please be sure to enable 2-Step Verification as an added security measure for your account. This feature can be found in your Account Settings Security tab. For more information, please see our FAQ article with all the details of this great security feature.

Blocking Users and Reporting Abuse

An account is able to block other users that may be harassing, bullying or spamming, regardless of age. For more information on this feature as well as how to report rule violations to our moderation team, please click here.

More Information

For more information on matters related to account settings and security, please see the following links: